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Irrigation Efficiency Programs

A Waterkind Irrigation Efficiency Program (IEP) is a customized package of information and services that result in irrigation water use efficiency.  The goal of an IEP is to provide not only short term results but a long term strategy for successful green spaces. Waterkind IEPs typically include -

  • Irrigation Specifications and detail drawings
  • Irrigation inspection process and standardized documents
  • Design review process
  • Site assessments and/or audits
  • Irrigation site database
  • Irrigation network asset value
  • Renovation prioritization strategy
  • Irrigation as-builts
  • Internal / external training programs
  • Residentially focused Water Smart program

 Irrigation Specifications

In the same way that a building should not be constructed without a buildling code, irrigation systems should not be installed without enforceable guidelines in place to follow.  If you do not currently have Irrigation Specifications in place or have found your current specifications to be inadequate, Waterkind has created clear and easy to follow Irrigation Specifications that can be customized to your local requirements.  

 Design Review Process

Selecting an irrigation designer who has passed a certification test with either the IIABC or the IA is a good starting point to achieve a design that is effective and hydraulically accurate.  However as this will be the foundation for your irrigation system, a design review should be conducted either internally or through a third party to ensure that the design meets your specifications, due diligence has been performed with respect to obtaining site pressure and flow, and that industry standards have been met. 

Site Assessments and Database

Each site is assessed as to what equipment is in place in the field and the point of connection. The process documents the system performance as well as safety concerns and other factors that would contribute to determining if a site requires system renovations.  As sites are assessed and the data is reviewed, the information is compiled within a searchable database.  Individual site reports also include estimated costs for renovations / remediation.

Renovation Prioritization Strategy 

It can be challenging to determine which site (s) require remediation.  With a site assessment database in place, Waterkind can work with you to implement the renovation prioritization strategy making the process clearer and easier to implement.

Irrigation Network Asset Value

Irrigation systems and system maintenance are traditionally undervalued and underfunded.  Demonstrating the value of the system network being maintained will raise awareness and assist in making the case for an annual maintenance budget.

Irrigation As-Builts

Anyone who has ever hit a mainline during renovations, or spent hours searching for a single but critical irrigation system component, can tell you how important an accurate as-built is.  Trying to maintain or modify irrigated is challening enough without the added stress of not knowing where your assets are. The result is often piecemeal changes and higher costs down the road.  GPS'd as-buitls are worth their weight in gold.

Internal / External Training Programs

Training sessions are effecive to ensure that the standards and processes of an IEP are understood and implemented. They are valuable educational and team building tools for the internal irrigation and green space management personnel. Training sessions are also useful when offered to the public and/or site contractors in order to educate and faciliate constructive feedback and buy-in for the standards.

 Water Smart Programs

During the summer months, outdoor water use in Canada can increase by as much as 50%.  In places like Kelowna with it's semi-arid climate, summer water use is close to 4 times higher than in winter months with much of that attributable to outdoor green spaces.  Imlementing a local Water Smart program makes sense socially and economically in light of the impact that the residential market has on overall water use.  Waterkind will work with you to build your Water Smart program, incorporating clarify and accountability and with a focus on reducing outdoor water use.


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