Waterkind Irrigation Consulting Services recently completed a comprehensive report of our Gellatly property. Our production has expanded significantly in this field and the capacity and the age of the equipment were becoming limiting factors. Waterkind conducted a thorough review of the systems looking at the existing site, equipment and capacities and make phased recommendations to improve the system. So far we have implemented the first 5 phases and have seen a remarkable improvement in the performance of the system. Water system performance and reduced water consumption are becoming more important and the Waterkind team can provide the recommendations to improve both.

John Byland, Bylands Nurseries Ltd.


The Okanagan Xeriscape Association is grateful to Waterkind Consulting Services for the role they played in the construction of the 'UnH2O Garden', a 4000 square foot public xeriscape garden designed to demonstrate low-water landscaping. Shauna Burnell of the Waterkind team volunteered her services and designed a custom drip irrigation system for the garden that will save substantial amounts of water over time. Through Shauna's volunteerism, Waterkind has demonstrated that they are committed to improving our community and promoting efficient irrigation as an essential element in residential xeriscape gardening.

Sincerely, Lisa Masini, Project Director Okanagan Xeriscape Association.


The technical expertise we received was beyond what we expected from initial consult through to installation.  We were able to maximize water coverage on site while minimizing installation costs and water consumption.  Other consultants do not provide start to finish technical guidance to ensure a project is completed properly.  This is rare in the consulting world and Waterkind is fulfilling this niche.

At Kal Tire we recognize our responsibility to our customers, each other, our communities and the environment.  By involving Waterkind.. we are able to fulfill this promise by satisfying municipal requirements and reducing water consumption.

Waterkind enhances construction design teams and I recommend them for all sustainable irrigation needs.

Best regards, John-Erik Grain, former Senior Project Manager, Kal Tire


I am on the gardening committee of our Strata complex and have sat on our Strata Committee.  One area of concern was our irrigation system.  We had been experiencing breaks in the system and were concerned that if something major was to happen we would not be prepared.  We also were concerned ab out the amount of water we were using (consumption).  

I contacted Waterkind and I found them to easy to deal with.  They were friendly and helpful and took the time to make sure I understood.  They gave us ample time to notify residents that the testing would be going on.  The report was thorough and the council members found it very easy to read and understand.  Shauna even attended a council meeting to answer further questions.  The council appreciated her time and sharing of expertise.  A list of recommendations (in priority) was extremely useful.  This was the information our council needed to move forward in planning the budget and the work.

I would highly recommend the work done by Waterkind.  They helped our aging complex get a handle on its irrigation system and now we can move forward, knowing that their expertise is just a phone call away.

Sincerely, Margaret Boyd, Strata K278, Millbridge Park, Kelowna

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